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Welcome to Your Flower Story London

With a reputation for excellent floral design and 5-star service, Your Flower Story has

established itself as a reputable, awe-inspiring florist in North London.

From the smallest posy to the most extravagant floral installation, we put our heart and soul into everything we create. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service and guarantee that we use only the finest, freshest blooms.

Our staff have been trained by some of the best floral designers around the world and have worked with some of the best venues in London such as The Mayfair Hotel The Lanesborough , The Ritz London , The Baglioni Hotel London , Warren House and more.

Event Photography by Andreea Tufescu - Party at the Mayfair Hotel

About our Director, Andreea 

Andreea Coma is the Director and principal dream maker at Your Flower Story. Her story begins in Italy – the home of style, luxury, romance, and beauty – where she was born and raised. She would spend hours in her grandfather’s garden picking flowers and creating bouquets to present to her mother when she came home from work.  

Her career began in casinos in her home country, a far cry from where she is now. However, this was not for her, and spurred by the desire to discover who she was and what she really wanted from life, in 2016 she moved to London. She came alone, moved into a house share, and threw herself into care work whilst establishing herself in the capital. After a few months she changed jobs, becoming a PA for a construction company. This turned out to be quite the serendipitous event. She got to know her boss and discovered he also owned a failing florist shop. This piqued her interest and she asked for the opportunity to get involved and turn its fortunes around. Her boss agreed and took her on as manager for a year. At the end of that year she had fallen in love. Though a novice, her natural talent and sheer hard work had resulted in it becoming a thriving business and she was delighted to be given the opportunity to purchase half of it. She had finally found her passion. In 2017 she began floristry studies alongside running the shop full-time. The more she studied, the more passionate about the industry she became, and in 2018 she bought her co-owner out and became the sole proprietor of Your Flower Story.  

Andreea takes pride in having worked from the ground up, learning as she went along, igniting a talent and passion that it turns out was there all along. She is a graduate of the Covent Garden Academy and has had the distinct privilege of being trained by Karen Tran, who is considered the Queen of floral design by many. Andreea has worked in numerous prestigious venues in the UK, as well as working at weddings in Italy, Romania, and Vienna. She now lives her passion every day, thankful for the opportunities coming to the UK gave to her. 

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London Masterclass Karen Tran

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