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Buying flowers online flowers: Photos vs Reality

Buying flowers online flowers: Photos vs Reality

Have you ever been disappointed when buying flowers online, finding that they just don’t live up to your expectations? Did they look amazing in the photos but in person are they just a little lacklustre? Here are some reasons why, and some tips on how to avoid disappointment!

Camera trickery

As with almost all images of beautiful things that the media provides, there is some camera trickery involved! When you style a bouquet at home, you want to enjoy it from all angles, so inevitably try and share out the blooms equally around each edge of the vase. In contrast, when a vase is styled for a shoot, all of the blooms are pushed forward to the front of the vase, creating an illusion of fullness that doesn’t quite come to fruition when you get them yourself…worth bearing in mind!

Boxed vs Wrapped

Postal flowers that come in boxes have become increasingly popular in recent years and can be beautiful. However, this is very much reliant on how adept the recipient is at flower arranging! It is always far easier to take a traditional delivered bouquet, trim the ends and style the flowers into a vase, than it is to have to start from scratch removing them from a box and unwrapping each bloom individually. Bear this in mind if your chosen recipient isn’t the crafty type!

Size differences

Bouquets often come in varying sizes. Be sure to check this before ordering – otherwise you will be expecting the large, voluminous display in the photo, but may actually receive something a lot smaller…be wary!


If you feel like your bouquet is significantly less abundant than you envisaged, check the website, and pay attention to the photo. Look at the composition – are there enough of the central blooms? Foliage is seasonal so does vary but check that it looks a similar amount and quality. If you aren’t happy then don’t be afraid to call and complain!

What can you do to avoid disappointment?

Instead of ordering online, the best tip we have for you is to call a florist local to your recipient and have a chat with them about what they can create for you. Don’t be afraid to give them your budget and ask them what they can create for you for that amount. A good, experienced florist will be able to advise you on the best balance for your bouquet – is it worth keeping the bouquet a little smaller and showcasing a few really beautiful flowers? Or could they do a larger spray, incorporating smaller colourful blooms? Let them guide you, it’s their passion!

Here at Your Flower Story we love receiving calls (or emails!) like this and having the opportunity to create bespoke floral arrangements for your loved ones. We know what is in season and is looking particularly beautiful, so can help you envisage your perfect bouquet. We are also proud to say that our beautifully photographed arrangements do live up to expectations! We do not scrimp on the flowers we use – they are always of the highest quality and our bouquets are created with care and skill, but most importantly, love! Take a look at our beautiful galleries here.

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