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Discover the joy of fresh flowers

Discover the joy of fresh flowers

Someone knocks at the door and a member of your household opens it. “Ooh, flowers!” they exclaim as they bring them into the sitting room where everyone is relaxing together. “Who are they for?” everyone excitedly asks, hoping the answer is them. So many of us know this wonderful feeling and it really is something special. Fresh flowers delivered to your door, beautifully wrapped, their special message in the envelope attached. Their fragrant beauty yours to admire and enjoy for days to come. That feeling of being special, having had someone take the time to choose the perfect arrangement just for you.

It isn’t just about their look though, as delightful as that is – it is about what they represent. Flowers are our silent messengers. They can convey messages that cannot quite be articulated by words. Many a relationship has been saved by the arrival of a beautiful bunch of flowers and a card simply saying, ‘I’m sorry’. Flowers are a way of letting someone know you’re thinking of them even though you’re far away. They are a beautiful gesture of love and support during sad times, when words don’t always come too easily but you want to show you care. A gentle reminder that you are there if the recipient needs you. Of course, they also bring delight in times of joy too. What can be nicer than opening the door on your birthday to a florist with armfuls of blooms just for you? Or to receive anniversary flowers that remind you of your bridal bouquet?Turning up with a carefully chosen arrangement on Mother’s Day to show your Mum how much you care, or to give to a cherished Grandmother. It’s so lovely too to see newborn babies nestled in Moses Baskets next to vase upon vase of fresh blooms, welcoming the new bundle to the world. Young or old alike, everyone appreciates the thoughtful gesture of receiving their very own bouquet. It makes you feel special, cherished, loved.

Once you’ve admired your new blooms, you can enjoy taking the time to arrange them, which is wonderfully relaxing in itself. Once arranged, they can be displayed with pride in your home to enjoy for days, if not weeks. Every time you pass by them, they make you smile all over again. Let’s not forget the card too. With such a small card the sender needs to be sparing with their words, ensuring they’re short and sweet. A simple “I miss you”, “I love you”, or simply, “thank you”. Few words, so much meaning.

Why not share the joy by sending someone special a beautiful floral arrangement of their own? We can provide next day flower delivery, or even same day flower delivery! Choose from one of our stunning fresh bouquets, designed with love and care by our artisan florists. Alternatively, give us a call on 07594210504 and we will work with you to create a bespoke bouquet for your loved one. 

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