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Choosing the perfect bouquet

Receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a gift that never goes out of style. They are a treat for your senses – the  beauty, the scent, the joy in arranging them. They are a classic present that never fails to bring joy, but with so many options just how do you choose the perfect arrangement for your recipient? Here are some of our top tips…

Consider the colour palette

Choosing the colour(s) for your bouquet is one of the biggest decisions. With flowers available in every hue imaginable, where do you even begin?! Think about the colours you often see your recipient dress in – which tones crop up most regularly? What about their home – which colours have they chosen for their walls, for their sofa, for their wall art? Choose shades to complement their décor, or the colours they’re most often seen wearing. Alternatively, go for a beautiful mix of colours – from the delicate pastels of Gold Pearl to the vibrant rainbow tones of Autumn Vibes, we have each end of the colour spectrum covered.

Structured vs wild

Is your recipient someone who thrives on neatness and order? Someone who always has a tidy home with everything in its place? If so, a structured arrangement like White Elegance or Le Rose is the ideal choice. If their home is quirky, relaxed, filled with knick-knacks and treasures, perhaps they’d prefer a more wild and unstructured arrangement. Wildflower and Wild Garden are two gorgeous options, reminiscent of a wild summer garden.

Ease of arrangement

Flower arranging is a task that many people find incredibly calming and therapeutic. The idea of receiving a beautiful bouquet and then taking the time to arrange it into a vase themselves is exciting. If this is the case, go for a relaxed hand-tied arrangement such as Delphinium and Roses or Wild Roots. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people prefer to just enjoy their bouquet without needing to do too much to it. Equally, if someone is convalescing or has recently become a new parent, they may not be able to arrange it themselves. In these instances, we recommend a gift bag arrangement, for instance Purple Night or Clara.

Special memories

A lovely idea is to choose flowers to remind them of happy memories. Perhaps they had a bouquet of pastel pink roses on their wedding day – if so, Pink Princess is a bouquet they’re bound to adore. Maybe you were a bridesmaid carrying a bouquet of gypsophilia, so Baby’s Breath would be a touching choice.

Beautiful symbolism

The types and colours of flowers can be used to convey some beautiful meanings. We all know the romantic symbolism of a crimson red rose, but did you know that tulips also traditionally symbolise perfect love? And yellow roses symbolise friendship? With so much beautiful symbolism from each bloom, you can easily create a bouquet with real meaning.

Whilst we have an extensive selection of artisan-designed bouquets available, we are always happy to work with you to create the perfect bouquet for your recipient. Just give us a call on 07594210504 to discuss your ideas.

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