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Pumpkin decorating ideas

Pumpkin decorating ideas

Autumn has come. The leaves on the trees are every shade from fiery red to mellow yellow. Of course, this means that Halloween is almost upon us too! Whilst we might not be expecting any trick or treaters this year, or be attending any parties, you can still bring the spirit of Halloween into your home. A brilliant way to do this is by creating your very own floral arrangement with a seasonal twist…pop it in a pumpkin!

Pumpkins lend themselves to being a delightfully autumnal vessel to contain some of the season’s most beautiful blooms. They look stunning as a centrepiece for any home or sitting in a window for passers-by to enjoy.

How do you create one? It’s not as scary as it may sound…

1. Firstly, choose the most beautiful pumpkin you can find! Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, so take the time to choose one that will look beautiful on display. Check it is nice and firm and ensure it is big enough to hold a good number of flowers.

2. Next, clean your pumpkin out thoroughly, removing all the seeds and then wiping out with a little water.

3. You will need a piece of oasis, as this is where you will insert your stems to hold them in place,to ensure your display looks slick and professional. Soak it overnight with the holes facing down in some water. The oasis will take in all of the water ready to keep your blooms hydrated. Then wrap it in a piece of cellophane and pop it inside your pumpkin.

4. Now for the fun part – creating your flower arrangement! Take it stem by stem – don’t rush it. Enjoy building it up one flower at a time, seeing what works best visually. Slowly it will come to life!This time of year offers some stunning options for flowers. You could choose to go for the stripped back tones of pure white gypsophilia or pastel-toned carnations. Perhaps you like the luxurious look given by ranunculus and roses. Or perhaps you want to go all out and fill your pumpkin with a riot of colour and texture, using dahlias, sunflowers, lilies, and delphinium. Let your imagination run wild!

If you’d rather leave the arranging to someone else, you can always get in touch with us here at Your Flower Story and we can create a bespoke decorative Halloween arrangement for you, fuss-free and guaranteed to look truly stunning. Alternatively, you can choose from the amazing Autumnal selection on our website. Enjoy the traditional beauty of the Rose in Garden display or the colourful autumnal hues of the Sunset bouquet. Perhaps the stripped back charm of Wild Roots is more your taste. Take a look at our autumnal bouquet gallery for more stunning options, which can be delivered to you same day or next day.

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