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Red Tulips Bouquet

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung! All around us, plants and flowers are beginning to bloom, blossom is starting to appear on the trees and the roadsides are filled with daffodils. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many! Here is a roundup of some of the beautiful spring flowers you will see this time of year…


Technically a winter flower, I still see them as a symbol of early spring, so they have snuck on to this list! They can bloom as early as January or as late as April. A symbol of rebirth and hope, their name is derived from the Greek words for ‘milk’ and ‘snow-like’.


Unmistakeable with their vivid yellow hue and trumpet shape, they are the ultimate symbol of spring, as well as being the national flower of Wales. As soon as you start to see bunches of them cropping up at the side of the road, you know spring has truly arrived! They are said to symbolise new beginnings and friendship.


Nothing makes a woodland walk more wonderful than carpets of beautiful bluebells. These enchanting wildflowers are even protected by law –  namely the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) – preventing people from digging them up or removing them from the land on which they grow. Traditionally, they symbolise loyalty, constancy, humility and gratitude, as well as being associated with fairies – it is said that bluebell woods are enchanted, with the fairies using these flowers to lure people into their magical fairy land…


Tulips are part of the lily family and come in countless varieties and colours. Though known for being a popular flower from the Netherlands, they actually originated in Central Asia. They are extremely popular – so much so, that there was even a period of time known as ‘Tulip Mania’ in the 1600s, when speculation drove up the price of tulip bulbs to crazy extremes – at the height of the mania, some of the rarest tulip bulbs traded for more than 6 TIMES the average person’s annual salary!Thankfully, they’re a little more affordable now!


Did you know that the premium spice saffron comes from these pretty blooms? In fact the name crocus is derived from the Latin word ‘crocatus’, meaning ‘saffron yellow’. It takes 80,000 flowers to make just one pound of the spice, which is the reason why it is so highly prized. Part of the Iris family, they typically come in shades of purple, yellow and white, and traditionally represent youth, hope and cheerfulness. If you have a loved one whose day you’d like to brighten up, why not send them a bunch of seasonal spring blooms? Get in touch with us today to discuss your bespoke bouquet on 07594210504.

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