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The humble Carnation

Did you know that the flower traditionally associated with January birthdays is the carnation? This humble flower, constituent of many a beautiful bouquet, is a real treasure. Here are some facts about this often-overlooked bloom:  

Their name is often considered to be of royal origin. 

It is thought that the name carnation is derived from the Greek word “korone”, meaning a garland or a wreath. Traditionally, carnations were used in ceremonial crowns in ancient Greece, so it certainly makes sense! 

They have religious symbolism. 

According to a popular Christian story, upon seeing Jesus carrying the cross, the Virgin Mary began to cry, and carnations first appeared where her tears fell. The pink carnation subsequently became symbolic of a mother’s love and remains a popular Mother’s Day flower to this day. 

They are the ideal choice for allergy sufferers. 

Carnations only produce very small amounts of pollen, making them an excellent choice of flower for those of us who suffer from hay fever-type allergies. 

They come in a range of stunning colours. 

There really is a carnation to suit the colour theme of any bouquet. From deep red, to vibrant purple, to delicate snowy white – the options are endless. Some varieties even have the most delightful two-tone petals. Each colour is said to represent a different sentiment: 

White – Luck and purity 

Red – Love and affection 

Purple – Impulsivity 

Pink –  Motherly love 

They are the national flower of more than 1 country. 

That’s right, 3 countries have claimed this beautiful bloom as their own – Spain, Monaco and Slovenia. 

They are a traditional 1st anniversary gift. 

Symbolising young, vibrant love, they are the traditional anniversary flower for those celebrating 1 year of marriage. Handy to remember if your anniversary, or that of a couple close to you, is coming up… 

If carnations are one of your favourite flowers, we have many stunning bouquet options that include these beautiful blooms. There is the purity and elegance of White Elegance, the lush spring green tones of Emerald Flower, or the dainty jewel tones of Amethyst Flower. As always, we would be delighted to discuss creating a bespoke bouquet for you, just give us a call on 07594 210504. 

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