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Wedding flowers on a budget

Wedding flowers on a budget

So, you’re getting married – congratulations! – but need to stick to a budget? And you think this means beautiful wedding flowers might be out of reach? Well I am delighted to tell you that you’re wrong. Here are some top tips for how to maximise your budget and get the blooms of your dreams!

  • Use seasonal flowers

Incorporating seasonal blooms into your wedding flowers is much more cost-effective than paying out for specific off-season flowers. If you simply cannot compromise on your bouquet then why not consider compromising with other floral displays, such as buttonholes or table centrepieces?

  • Don’t forget about foliage

Using greenery can be a cost-effective – and on-trend – way of filling out your floral displays. Seasonal berries can also be used to add texture to bouquets for a reasonable price.

  • Prioritise the most photographed blooms

Consider which floral arrangements will be most photographed and therefore most remembered. Of course, the bridal bouquet will be a focal point of many pictures, so it pays off to spend a little more there. The groom’s buttonhole will also be captured in many photos. However, the rest of the groomsmen could easily get away with smaller or less expensive florals. It can be easy to get caught up choosing flowers for the cake table, the guest book table… but do you really need them?

  • Consider alternatives to bouquets for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids don’t have to carry bouquets. What about large single-stem blooms? Floral hoops or wands? Little flower girls look adorable just holding hands, no flowers required. Your wedding – your choice.

  • Repurpose blooms from ceremony to reception

Floral arrangements don’t have to be static – they can be repurposed from one location to another. Altar or table décor from your ceremony can be transported to your reception venue and used again there. Enlist the help of your bridal party and/or any trusted guests with good-sized boot space to coordinate this. By the time you finish having your couple’s photos they will be in situ and ready to be enjoyed for even longer.

  • Utilise your bouquets

Put a vase by the place setting for each bridesmaid at the reception – they simply then put their bouquet into it, allowing it to become part of the décor, instead of just being put aside whilst they’re having dinner. Voila!

  • Play with presentation

When it comes to table centrepieces, less is often more. What about having a couple of simple jam-jar displays accompanied by some scattered rose petals? Or single, striking blooms in long-stem vases? How about floating flowers? Mirrored plates are great for creating depth and sparkle.Don’t be afraid to get creative! 

  • Fewer tables mean fewer flowers!

Remember that by having fewer tables you will need fewer centrepieces. Even just changing from 10 tables of 8 to 8 tables of 10 could easily save you a good chunk of your budget!

  • Spread the love

A nice touch is to offer the table blooms to your guests at the end of the evening. Kept in water, they will serve as a delightful reminder of your nuptials for many days after the event.

  • Be guided by the professionals

The most important wayof keeping to budget is to be guided by your florist. Their knowledge and experience will help make your dreams come true.

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